Food Menu

Our goal here is to expand and correct people’s palates.

There are soups and salads.  Soups change daily, examples include “chicken and rice, ham stew, pig’s trotters, oxtail, New England clam chowder (gluten-free, use cauliflower as creamer).  There’s always a vegan soup, examples include: tomato soup, broccoli soup, coconut Thai soup, West African peanut soup.

There are gourmet microwaveable meals for those on the run. Rice and beans for $2. Assorted yam, beet, kale, and apple chips. Hummus and “raw” carrot cake.” Sometimes there’s “weird shit” and “really weird shit,” like eel and duck (hey, we’re in the suburbs, that shit is “weird” to a lot of people in this neighborhood).  Occasionally there’s “fucked up shit,” like the time we served pig uterus (nobody bought it, fucking pussies). Check Facebook for daily updates and the soups of the day.

Meals include redneck pulled pork, chicken satay, hickory salmon, tofu tikka masala, Chinese roasted duck.

Oh, and we just started to offer robust salads: bed of greens (romaine, kale, collard, spinach), a protein (chicken or tofu), some colorful veggies, something crunchy, and the correct amount of salad dressing.

We’ll get some food porn up later.  If you take good photos, contact us.

We also offer catering and cooking lessons.


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