Alive Juice Bar Tutoring Services

Business slowdown (juice bar is doing ok, dance studio is a disaster) means we provide another service — online tutoring!

To teach students how to develop the discipline and intuition to learn on their own.

Most students are taught to depend on school for an education and to prioritize knowledge over curiosity.

A Socratic approach to teaching that allows students to individualize their education.  For instance, students shouldn’t be assigned books to read, they should read what they want to read.  They shouldn’t be shown how to solve a Math problem, they should be asked to think about the problem from different perspectives so they figure out how to solve it on their own.

Getting an education isn’t different from learning a sport or an instrument.  All involve drilling fundamentals. It’s hard for those who are slow at arithmetic to enjoy advanced Mathematics. Lack of vocabulary makes it hard to appreciate difficult reading. So we focus on drills to build discipline and basic skills.

Subjects Covered

  • All Math up to BC Calculus
  • All science up to AP Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Essay editing and writing skills (including for all AP exams)
  • SAT
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • LSAT
  • Resume and cover letters

Whatever you can pay.  Free if you want.

Daily Lesson Plans
We’ll post daily lesson plans on the website for our defunct clothing store, The Privileged Poor.  These plans are free and give students guidance on what they should be doing each day to exercise their minds.


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