Rice and Beans Recipe (Affordable meals series)

Some of our competitors argue that living and eating well necessarily costs a lot more money and time than most of us are comfortable with. We disagree.  Eating and living well costs LESS than surviving on empty calorie and nutritionally limited meals. Purpose of Affordable Meals Series is to introduce nutritionally dense and diverse meals that are affordable and easy to make.

Brown rice and beans is a simple, affordable, and nutritious dish packed with fiber and protein.  Keep it in a crockpot so you’ll have an alternative to junk food when you’re starving.  Rice and beans can also be used as the centerpiece of a meal.  Add a side of salad or lightly steamed veggies (should not be mushy), 4-6oz of meat per average adult, and that’s a nutritionally proper meal for 80 percent of population.

Rice cooker ($25 at Ranch 99)

Pinto beans (.79 pound at Costco)
Brown rice, 25lb Homai brand is under $13 at Costco.  At bit more at Asian grocery stores.
Chopped onions (and/or garlic, chives, whatever you feel like adding)
Curry powder or cubes.


Turn crockpot on high.  Add olive oil until bottom is covered.  Cover bottom with onions.  Add just enough curry powder to cover the onions.  Add as much or little salt as you want.  I typically add half a cup for 5 quart crockpot.  If curry cubes, use 4 – 6 cubes, depending on strength of flavor you prefer.

Three cups of beans and seven cups of water in rice cooker.  Rice cooker’s internal timer will tell you when it’s done. (40 minutes)

Add 6 cups of water to crockpot.  Add beans.

Add four cups of rice and eight cups of water.  Hit on and let the rice cooker’s internal timer tell you when it’s done.  (40 minutes).

Add rice to crockpot.  Mix.  Turn to warm.  Eat!

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