How to cook a steak.

Variation of Nathan Myhrvold’s “Modernist Cuisine” steak.  (click link for demonstration).

Assume 1.25 inch thick steak, defrosted.

Grind pepper on steak.
Place in oven at 160 degrees.  Thirty minutes at 160 degrees for rare/medium rare.  Sear steak with blow torch until outer layer is crispy.  Seriously.  We’ve received steak orders and that’s how we do it in the store.  Can also do a quick sear (as hot as you can get it, till outside is crispy) on grill or frying pan.

The rareness will be evenly distributed throughout the steak, somewhat similar to what you get with a steak cooked sous vide.  That is, there won’t be a red middle surrounded by a layer of pink, surrounded by a layer of well done tissue.  Low heat ensures steak is moist and tender throughout because heat isn’t high enough for meat protein to denature to degree that texture toughens and moisture disappears.  In fact, this is the only way to cook a steak well-done without making it leathery.  This is also the easiest way to cook steak.  Grills are fun and macho, but most suck at it because they can’t control the temperature properly.  Better to use grill for quick sear, then lower temperature to slow grill veggies (lots of them), which are not as easy to mess up when cooked on an unpredictable grill.

I prefer a well marbled Strip Steak (New York). Not as flavorful or fatty as ribeye, but firmer and thus, easier to cut.  I avoid tenderloin because it lacks flavor and fat and the level of tenderness achieved using this method is perfect for me.

Dipping Sauce
Juice onion and garlic, and something sweet, maybe apple or an orange, whatever suits you.
Add something salty, like salt or soy sauce to dip.

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